D3 Protections flat saps, finger saps and blackjacks are all made of the highest quality American made leather tanned by Herman Oak and are built for many years of loyal service. Flat saps consist of a flat spring with a lead ingot cast to it, this is known as the "frame". The frame is then covered with multiple layers of thick leather and sewn through all the layers.

D3 Protection blackjacks are all made around custom made frames. The frame is then wrapped with various types and thicknesses of leather. All are UK legal for home/private property defence and are collector grade items.  


Handmade D3 Protection 8980 Jacks 


A pair of D3 Protection 8980 Jacks either side of a D3 Protection 480. Unfortunately the 480 has already got an owner but the two 8980 Jacks are available for sale. 

D3 Protection 6.5" 8980 blackjack. Made from black leather Braided around a D3 cast lead head and coil spring with a detachable Black latigo leather wrist loop. 

Handmade to order please allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Only £65.00 inc UK Postage 

Handmade D3 Protection 9" D3 Flat Slapper in Black Leather 


9" D3 Protection flat slapper next to a junior for size comparison. It has been constructed from three layers of saddle tan leather and has a 4oz saddle tan flat strap with conventional rivets. 

Total weight of 10.5oz.

Hand made to order - please allow approx 8 weeks for delivery.  

£75.00 inc free UK Delivery 


Handmade D3 Protection S&W 'Junior' model


8" Smith & Wesson style junior made with three layers of leather. Dyed black with a 4oz black flat strap and conventional rivets.

Total weight of 9.0oz.

Hand made to order - please allow approx 8 weeks for delivery.  

£65.00 inc free UK Delivery  


Handmade D3 Protection "480"

8' D3 Protection '480' handmade on a tapered frame, the lead is cast to one end and wrapped in medium weight leather. The strap is a three finger strap made from 4oz quality leather. 

Weight: 10oz 

Length: 8 inches 

Colour: Black

This item is hand made to order - please allow approx 8 weeks for delivery.  

£55.00 inc free UK Delivery  


Handmade D3 Protection "Fatty"

6" two layer D3 Protection "Fatty" sap. No spring and it is stuffed with 9.0 oz of lead shot.  Colour Black leather with black belt clip.

The Tan D3 Fatty above is available from stock today 

Weight : 9.0 oz  

  • Spring : no spring
  • Layers : 2 
  • lead : # 9 lead shot

    £59.00 inc free UK Delivery  IN STOCK 



    D3 loaded Key fob 

    D3 loaded Key fobs are made with tough vegi-tan leather and kangaroo lacing.  Stuffed with 5.5oz of lead.

    £30.00 - £45.00 depending on choice of leathers  

    This item is handmade to order-please allow 8 weeks for delivery.  

    We have in stock one example of a Stingray skin key fob in black only £45.00 inc P&P 





    D3 Protection Round Finger Sap, black leather

    This item is hand made to order - please allow 8 weeks for delivery.  

     £55.00 inc free UK Delivery  



    D3 'knocked' Centless coin pouch £45-£65 depending on construction.

    D3 Protection "Knocked Centsless" two finger coin sap / Belt pouch. Made from High quality leather these are sure to last many years of tough service, Each one is hand made by me using only the best zippers and pulls. Lined with ripstop nylon They are also made with a 1" wide nylon belt loop and re-enforced with a thick peice of vegi-tan leather on the inside. They measure 3" by 3" with a thickness of 1".

    1000D Cordura Nylon
    Regular leather
    Exotic leathers

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    Download the D3 Protection Catalogue and Price List

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